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How High Is Your Tolerance For Risk?
In today's highly competitive, global market place, successful business learn early to maximize their efficiencies while minimizing their risk. Maintenance, purchasing and engineering staff all play a vital role in the efficient and uninterrupted flow of products to the customer. Like electricity and clean water, continuous compressed air is a critical component to every minute of production time.
Why pay for poor compressor performance or risk an unscheduled plant shutdown and your company's reputation? Maintain your Ingersoll-Rand compressor with the right parts: Genuine Ingersoll-Rand Parts.


The Hidden Costs of Substitute Parts
What are the long-term consequences of "saving" money with substitute parts?
Higher parts usage
More frequent compressor downtime
Higher labour and maintenance costs
Higher operating costs through lower efficiencies
Higher risk of compressor failure
Higher risk of unscheduled production shutdowns

Why accept higher costs, lower productivity and greater risks? Ingersoll-Rand has the risk-free alternative: the right, performance-matched part for your compressor. Insist on Genuine Ingersoll-Rand Parts.

Ingersoll-Rand's Reputation Is on the Line
Ingersoll-Rand shares the responsibility for your compressor.We provide the right replacement parts and service so your compressor is on-line when you need it. We know even the smallest parts are critical to the compressor's operation. Our engineers painstakingly design, develop and test each part. It's the only way to ensure that our compressors live up to your expectation. It's the reason Genuine Ingersoll-Rand Parts enjoy a reputation for quality no other supplier can match

Insist on Genuine Ingersoll-Rand Parts or Risk the Consequences
Unscheduled production shutdowns, idle employees and irate customers can be a few of the consequences of selecting unknown parts. These risks are avoidable when you insist on Genuine Ingersoll-Rand Parts for your compressors. Remember, substitute parts are not replacements. Even the failure of a small substitute part can damage the compressor and lead to costly repairs. Each component must work in harmony if maximum compressor life and efficiency are to be obtained

Performance-Matched Parts
Whether you need a crankshaft, separator element, inlet valve or connecting rod bolt, each Genuine Ingersoll-Rand Part is manufactured to match the original design specification of the compressor. Only Ingersoll-Rand knows the exact design and material specification, ingredients that are critical to uninterrupted service and peak performance. Why risk your business on unknown parts? Insist on Genuine Ingersoll-Rand Parts - the right parts for your compressor


Valves - During a typical year, a reciprocating compressor valve will open and close over 100,000,000 times. To operate efficiently and to have long life, the valve must have the exact tolerances and be manufactured with the correct hardness and metallurgy.
Compressor Fluids - Today's compressors operate at wider temperatuer ranges and within tighter tolerances than ever before. Only Ingersoll-Rand knows the critical requirements of viscosity, material compatibility and heat transfer for our compressors. Ingersoll-Rand fluids help you save money by improving compressor life, reducing downstream carryover and ensuring cleaner operation and maximum efficiency.
Filters - There is a critical balance between removing contaminants and maintaining compressor efficiency. In a rotary-screw  compressor, the air inlet filter,coolant filter and separator must all work in concert to ensure compressor longevity, efficiency and lower coolant usage. Only Ingersoll-Rand knows our compressor's precise requirements for filtration efficiency and pressure drop